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Show Feed

Targeted Nutrition Programs

Custom Blended Feeds

Every ranch situation is unique. We specialize in creating custom blended feeds and premixes to meet your specific production targets.

Xtreme Show Feeds combine a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to achieve Xtreme results in and out of the show ring. Xtreme Show Feeds are complete, balanced diets formulated to be fed during the growing and finishing phases. Xtreme Show feeds are backed by the quality standards and excellent customer service of Livestock Nutrition Center.

Livestock Nutrition Center is excited to offer two GREAT programs to AWARD & REWARD the efforts of our Xtreme Show Feed customers. Learn More


Xtreme Cattle Finisher®
Xtreme Cattle Grower®


Xtreme Show Lamb®


Xtreme Pig Finisher®
Xtreme Pig Grower®

Livestock Nutrition Center Awards

The Xtreme Champion Awards is for those customers who have fed a minimum of 2500 lbs. of the Xtreme Grower or Finisher of the combination of the two as the sole ration and have made it to the backdrop. Awards range from the county level all the way up to the majors. We LOVE to see our customers succeed!

The Xtreme Rewards program was established as a way for LNC to support local 4-H & FFA members and their programs. For every bag of Xtreme Show Feed purchased LNC will donate $1 back to the members 4-H or FFA Chapter.

Please read each programs rules and regulations for additional information and to apply.

Xtreme Champions Rewards program is limited to youth active in 4-H and FFA programs that have fed a minimum of 2500 lbs of Xtreme Show Cattle Feed as the sole ration and have made it to the backdrop.

4-H Clubs and FFA programs can gain XTREME Rewards from Livestock Nutrition Center. For every bag of Xtreme Show Feed purchased, LNC will donate back $1 per bag to the 4-H Club or FFA chapter. Download the application for complete program rules and eligibility.