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De-Stress Tub

De-Stress Tub
For All Classes of Beef Cattle and Receiving Cattle

product advantages

FortiGraze® De-Stress is a highly fortified, energy-dense, palatable self-fed supplement. De-Stress is designed to be fed to beef and dairy cattle to help aid in recovery from hi stress situations (weaning, transporting, and grouping of cattle). De-Stress is formulated with the highest available sources of trace minerals with Zinpro® and Intellibond products to stimulate the immune system and response. The addition of prebiotics from Diamond V® Yeast will also increase the rumen bacteria population, and the use of SEL-PLEX® organic selenium aids in supporting the body’s normal defense mechanism against infection.


guaranteed analysis

Crude Protein, min
Crude Fiber, min
Crude Fiber, max
Calcium, min
Calcium, max
Phosphorus, min
Salt, min
Salt, max
Magnesium, min
Potassium, min
Cobalt, min
10 ppm
Copper, min
500 ppm
Iodine, min
25 ppm
Manganese, min
1.500 ppm
Selenium, min
8.8 ppm
Zinc, min
1.500 ppm
Vitamin A, min
150,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D-3, min
15,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E, min
800 IU/lb

Size Option: 60 LB & 200 LB | Additive Options: Clarifly®

Feeding Direction

Feed free choice FortiGraze ® De-Stress tub to all classes of beef cattle and receiving cattle, on medium to high quality forage. As a general rule, supply 1 tub for 5-15 head of cattle.

Consumption will vary depending on quality, availability, and source of roughage, animals size, stage of reproduction, number of animals per tub and location of the tub. Calves and mature cattle should consume between 0.25 and 0.75 pounds per head daily.

all consumption figures stated here are approximate. provide free access to clean, fresh water at all times.

For more information, please contact your Livestock Nutrition Center representative


Where to Buy

Livestock Nutrition Center has eighteen locations located in five states. Each location varies in services and product offering. Please visit the location page nearest you for additional information and a complete listing of services offered.