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*Example of custom blended feed 


Livestock Nutrition Center provides customers with better feed rations and supplements at lower costs than most national brands. We can custom blend for all animal types. Custom Blended feeds are specifically formulated blends that can be full-fed, supplemented or premixed with roughage sources tailored by each customer and their livestock needs. Please check with your local Livestock Nutrition Center for ingredient availability as it varies by location. 

  • Formulate rations based on livestock's nutritional requirements

  • Develop rations based on producers’ feeding practices

  • Create feed programs that complement producers’ forage inventory

  • Fortify and / or implement feed grade medications

  • Additional services may include: water testing, forage sampling, herd visits

Below are some some examples of raw ingredients we use throughout LNC locations for our custom blended products. Inquire with your local Livestock Nutrition office for additional options. As a reminder ingredient availability varies by location. 

Whole Cotton Seed
Whole cottonseed is high in protein, fat, fiber and energy.
Cottonseed Hull Pellets
Cottonseed hull pellets are an exceptional roughage source with a high level of effective fiber and are very palatable.
Loose Cottonseed Hulls
Cottonseed hulls are a palatable and widely used roughage source for cattle.
Steam Flaked Barley
Flaked barley is steam processed and flaked grain source.
Sunflower Meal Pellet
Sunflower Meal Pellets are a high protein source produced from extraction of meal from sunflowers.
Corn Gluten Pellets
Corn gluten feed pellets are a middle protein product of the corn wet milling industry.
Dried Distillers' Grain
Dried distillers grains are a high-protein byproducts of the distilling industry in which grains are fermented into alcohol.
Whole Corn
Whole corn is the kernel shelled from the corn plant.
Steam Flaked Corn
Steam flaked corn is steam processed and flaked grain source.
Cracked & Ground Corn
Cracked & Ground corn processed by dry rolling.
Oats are a palatable grain source used widely in horse and calf rations.
Wheat Midd Pellets
Wheat middlings are a middle protein by product resulting from the flour milling process. WMP are a good source of protein and digestible fiber.
Soy Hull Pellets
Soybean Hulls are separated from soybeans are are an excellent energy source in the form of highly digestible fiber.
Linseed Meal Pellets
Linseed meal is a high protein byproduct of extracting the oil from flaxseed.
FortiPel® is an innovative mineral vitamin supplement used to carry medications and feed additives.
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Steam Flaked Corn

Steam flaked corn is steam processed and flaked grain source.