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LNC’s Targeted Nutrition Difference

The most discerning cattle operators in the U.S. choose LNC because we deliver better results.

Winning Performance

The right nutrition and commercial price supports better cost of gain

Custom Feed

Rations formulated around your specific cattle nutrition, mineral, and equipment needs

Professional staff

4 PhDs. 10+ masters nutritionist.

Consistent Supply

20 locations in South Central U.S. provide year round coverage

Service & Support

Our 50+ strong team is always a call away

Easy Delivery

Delivered to where you want, when you want

Our Cattle Products

Livestock Nutrition Center specializes in blending customized rations, supplements, and premixes to meet your operation’s specific nutritional needs. We also offer a full line of premium FortiGraze mineral both loose and tub forms, Rangemax protein tubs as well as standardized products for multiple species. Offerings by location may vary.

Custom Blended Feed

Every ranch situation is unique. We specialize in creating custom blended feeds and premixes to meet your specific production targets.

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Our consultants and nutritionists will build a premix that can be combined with your roughage to meet the your cattle’s specific nutrition needs.

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Mineral Products

Mineral products are premium supplements that are regionally formulated. They are weatherized against moisture and wind and include organic trace mineral sources.

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Complete mineral package in a palatable and a weather resistant form. Supports fertility, overall herd health, and increased immune function.

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Complete Feeds

Fully fortified, 14% protein, high-energy grower ration that is designed to be hand-fed.

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Our Approach

Meet with you to understand your operations and nutritional needs, including existing nutrition sources


Leverage our nutritionists and technology to develop a custom, comprehensive nutritional program


Help educate and implement the program and related best practices on-farm


Provide excellent ongoing customer service and support for continued success


Provide excellent ongoing customer service and support for continued success


Better Feed.
Better Results.

What Results Can I expect

Our goal is to maximize the value of your nutritional investment. No matter the weather. No matter your forage and pasture quality. We will develop a plan to meet your goals, including:

  • Improved breed back rate
  • Increase conception rates
  • Higher pounds weaned per exposed female
  • Body condition score
  • Decreased cost of gain
  • Improved average daily gain
  • Better resilience to health challenges
  • Increase average daily gain
  • Targeted sale body condition score


We take great pride in telling our customers stories. We are proud to partner and do business with producers and dealers of all sizes from all areas of our service area. Our customers stories are diverse and unique but all have one thing in common – Better Feed Better Results. 

LNC Education Center

Spring Calving – Don’t Stop Feeding Too Early

As we begin the new calendar year, it is worth discussing and focusing our attention on preparing a plan for providing adequate nutrition to spring-calving cow herds. The time period prior to calving provides an opportune time to alter the nutrition and management…